Pet's Choice Veterinary Centre. If your pet could choose...
Pet's Choice Veterinary Centre. If your pet could choose...  

Welcome to our website! Please have a look at the following pages to get an idea of our purpose built practice or even better, come in for a tour and meet the staff. Our practice is centrally located for easy access from most of Telford and there is plenty of safe, easy parking right outside the door.


Our veterinarian, Garth Tozer, is currently the only fulltime vet at the practice and this ensures continuity of care for your pet. We also use only a very limited number of locum vets when Garth is away. The aim of our vets and all our staff is for every owner and pet to feel at ease at all times and we believe we truly would be your pet's choice if he or she could decide where to be treated.


Our first class facilities and equipment enable us to offer many professional services including consultations, vaccinations, microchips, surgery (routine neutering to more complex operations), radiography, laser therapy, laboratory testing, a grooming salon and much more. We also offer advice on correct nutrition and general care of your pet.

Winter is here so make sure you enjoy it safely with your pets.

The colder weather can make life a little more unpleasant in some cases for our 4 legged friends. There are a few things to consider during this time:


1. If you have a short haired dog that is used to being indoors most of the time, it makes sense to put a coat on them if going out for a walk. Make sure this coat is kept clean and does not have a layer of dog's hair on it that could harbour bacteria, yeasts or other parasites.

2. If your dog is indoors with the central heating on, there is a tendency in some dogs to develop dry skin. A skin supplement such as Nutramega can help to prevent this. Make sure the dog has access to plenty of drinking water as well.

3. While a lot of dogs love frollicking in the snow, this can be dangerous as any hidden sharp objects can damage a dog's paws which in some cases is not noticed until some time later due to the reduced sensation on very cold paws. It is advisable only to let them play in snow covered areas that you know to be safe from prior to it snowing.

4. Just like humans, icy areas can lead to slips and falls which can result in injuries particularly to limbs and joints- take it slow on walks in potentially icy areas and don't let dogs off lead.

5.Because we keep our homes warm with central heating, fleas and other parasites can still breed indoors so don't forget to continue with some form of external parasite control (fleas and or ticks) over the winter months.

6. Weight gain can be an issue in animals not exercising as much in winter so reduce calory intake if they are expending less energy.

6. Some cats do not like going out to the toilet in cold, wet or snowy weather, so especially in older animals it is often worth providing a temporary indoor litter tray. Retained urine or faeces can lead to a lot of problems.

7.As i am sure many people know, chocolate can be toxic for animals so keep this well out of reach. The dried fruit in mince pies and Christmas cake/pudding can also cause problems for our 4 legged friends so NO sharing! If they do eat something they should not then contact us asap.


Having said all this, it is still a great time to get out for a walk with your best friend- just be aware of the potential hazards!


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