Pet's Choice Veterinary Centre. If your pet could choose...
Pet's Choice Veterinary Centre. If your pet could choose...  

Welcome to our website! Please have a look at the following pages to get an idea of our purpose built practice or even better, come in for a tour and meet the staff. Our practice is centrally located for easy access from most of Telford and there is plenty of safe, easy parking right outside the door.


Our veterinarian, Garth Tozer, is currently the only fulltime vet at the practice and this ensures continuity of care for your pet. We also use only a very limited number of locum vets when Garth is away. The aim of our vets and all our staff is for every owner and pet to feel at ease at all times and we believe we truly would be your pet's choice if he or she could decide where to be treated.


Our first class facilities and equipment enable us to offer many professional services including consultations, vaccinations, microchips, surgery (routine neutering to more complex operations), radiography, laser therapy, laboratory testing, a grooming salon and much more. We also offer advice on correct nutrition and general care of your pet.

Wishing all our clients and their fantastic pets a wonderfull, safe and healthy 2017.

With various ban holidays on the horizon, as always, at Pet's Choice we are thinking about how to keep your four legged companions happy and healthy when there may be some seasonal hazards around.


Prevention is of course, always better than cure so make sure you keep all of the following out of reach of your pets:


Chocolate: The cocoa solids in chocolate contain Theobromine which is poisonous to dogs. It is present in all chocolate: white, milk and dark.


Table scraps: It may be tempting to “give your dog some of the nice food that you are enjoying” but you could be setting up for a trip to the vet with tummy upsets or very much worse. Dogs and cats are unable to digest much of the food that we enjoy. That very fatty roast pork with crackling could result in pancreatitis. The bones from the turkey could cause damage to your dog's intestines. Our advice is; it is best to put the dog's food ONLY in the dog's bowl and yes you've got it cat's food ONLY in the cat's bowl!


Grapes: Not just those healthy ones in the fruit bowl but those in your Christmas Cake  or mince pies in the form of currants, raisins and saltanas, or even in wine. These are toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure.


Medication: Visiting family and friends may be unaware that they need to keep their medication out of harm's way, so please do make sure that your pets have no way of accessing any type of medication.


Antifreeze: Be careful when you are topping up your car radiator, antifreeze is a highly toxic substance to both dogs and cats, if ingested it can lead to kidney disease and renal failure.


Foreign bodies: A foreign body is any item eaten by your pet that they REALLY shouldn't have; such as a sock or a rubber ball. The item can become lodged in the intestine and may have to be removed surgically. It is a very unpleasant and dangerous experience for the animal, and a stressful one for the owner (not to mention costly).


If you suspect your dog has eaten anything he or she shouldn't have contact the surgery during surgery hours or Vets Now out of hours immediately. Bring any wrappers with you so that the vet can decide how best to treat them. The sooner your pet is seen the less chance any poison has of being absorbed.


Finally, we wish all our clients a very peaceful 2017and hope these tips will help you avoid these common pitfalls during the holidays.



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