Pet's Choice Veterinary Centre. If your pet could choose...
Pet's Choice Veterinary Centre. If your pet could choose...  

Welcome to our website! Please have a look at the following pages to get an idea of our purpose built practice or even better, come in for a tour and meet the staff. Our practice is centrally located for easy access from most of Telford and there is plenty of safe, easy parking right outside the door.


Our veterinarian, Garth Tozer, is currently the only fulltime vet at the practice and this ensures continuity of care for your pet. We also use only a very limited number of locum vets when Garth is away. The aim of our vets and all our staff is for every owner and pet to feel at ease at all times and we believe we truly would be your pet's choice if he or she could decide where to be treated.


We are now the only non corporate owned practice in Telford and are very proud of our independant status and will continue to offer the personal care that has become synonymous with our veterinary centre.


Our first class facilities and equipment enable us to offer many professional services including consultations, vaccinations, microchips, surgery (routine neutering to more complex operations), radiography, laser therapy, laboratory testing, a grooming salon and much more. We also offer advice on correct nutrition and general care of your pet.

Enjoy the hot weather in safety.

Everyone has been enjoying the warmer weather but it comes with some perils for our pets.


Make sure that dogs are walked at the cooler times of day- early morning or late evening. Always take water with you for the dogs on their walks.


Be particularly careful with older dogs, dogs with any heart or lung problems and all brachycepahlic (dogs with short muzzles) breeds as these will be more susceptible to heat stroke.


Ensure your dogs, cats and small furries have access to plenty of cool water which is replaced regularly and that they have somewhere cool to lie.


If your pet is overweight, now is the time to really try to get some of this weight off as obese dogs are well known to suffer more with heat stroke, collapse and heart attacks.



Although it should be well known by now, some people still leave dogs on their own in hot cars - this is a sure way lead to severe illness or death as the car acts as an oven in hot, sunny weather. Leave your dog at home if there is any chance that you may have to leave it in your car unattended.


Despite all of the above, enjoy the summer with your pets - just keep them cool!


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