Pet's Choice Veterinary Centre. If your pet could choose...
Pet's Choice Veterinary Centre. If your pet could choose...  

Welcome to our website! Please have a look at the following pages to get an idea of our purpose built practice or even better, come in for a tour and meet the staff. Our practice is centrally located for easy access from most of Telford and there is plenty of safe, easy parking right outside the door.


Our veterinarian, Garth Tozer, is currently the only fulltime vet at the practice and this ensures continuity of care for your pet. We also use only a very limited number of locum vets when Garth is away. The aim of our vets and all our staff is for every owner and pet to feel at ease at all times and we believe we truly would be your pet's choice if he or she could decide where to be treated.


We are now the only non corporate owned practice in Telford and are very proud of our independant status and will continue to offer the personal care that has become synonymous with our veterinary centre.


Our first class facilities and equipment enable us to offer many professional services including consultations, vaccinations, microchips, surgery (routine neutering to more complex operations), radiography, laser therapy, laboratory testing, a grooming salon and much more. We also offer advice on correct nutrition and general care of your pet.

Spring is here!

The clocks have "sprung" forward and the days are getting longer. We will probably all be getting out more frequently with our animals now which is great and should see any weight gained over winter disappearing again- hopefully.


Remember in the warmer weather, fleas and ticks start to breed more rapidly and are therefore more abundant in the environment. Start to use flea and tick remedies more frequently according to the data sheet for the specific product. We have seen some of the "over the counter" spotton remedies becoming less effective in the last couple of years so choose carefully what to use- ask us for advice if you are not sure. Your household can also become infested with fleas and there are some very effective sprays to help to elliminate these fleas- often a "multi pronged" attack is required to be fully effective.


Fleas also transmit certain types of intestinal parasites so make sure your worming regime is up to date as well.


As always, remember that hot cars can kill pets if left unattended, so it is wise to make sure that pets are not left in cars on there own at all if possible and if there is no alternative, ensure that fresh air can circulate through the car and even then that the animal is only left for a very short period of time.


Always take plenty of water with you for your pet on long walks and of course don't forget to clean up any mess thay may leave- free "poo bags" are available through the council and from our surgery for clients.



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